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650 Patriot Engine

The 650 Patriot built on the proven 850 architecture delivers unparalleled durability, refined run quality and a new level of fuel economy. Throttle response is instant, power is pure and acceleration is smooth from first pull to open throttle.

Born from the Heart of a Beast.

Designed for Unrivaled Efficiency

  • Up to 60% fuel economy improvement*
  • Up to 22% when riding at 45mph
  • Up to 40% when riding between 20mph – 50mph
  • Up to 60% improvement when riding at 25mph

Designed for Class-Leading Acceleration

10% more power and 14% more torque.*

Outstanding Durability

Oversized bottom end based on 850 architecture. Crank, rods and bearings designed for larger 850 engine but balanced for the 650.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Optimized for 87 octane fuel and up to 10% ethanol with the ability to run premium. Oil consumption is reduced by 10%*

Patriot Intake System

Optimized airflow built around the all-new Matryx chassis, the Patriot 650 delivers increased throttle response and power. V-force reed system and 50mm throttle body for improved drivability and power progression.

Patriot Engine Mounting Strategy

Focalized engine mounting strategy to create lower vibration to the rider while maintaining stiffness in belt pull direction for center to center distance control.

Improved Starting

New software strategy allows for improved starting with less fuel, providing less smoke and mitigates plug fouling.

3-Stage E VESII

A new ECU and exhaust valve actuator provide 25% faster valve actuation and improved control. 3-stage valve control provides significantly better low speed drivability and fuel economy.

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The World's Best Mountain Sled.



Smoothest Riding. Most Versatile.



The Ultimate Sport-Utility Snowmobile.


*Based on internal Polaris Testing as compared to the Liberty 600 Cleanfire.