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How to Cool an Engine

If your engine is overheating, promptly take action to cool the engine. This can be done by:

  • Driving in loose snow.
  • Viewing the coolant level. If it is low, add coolant. DO NOT open the pressure cap while the engine is hot.
  • Stopping the engine and allowing it to cool down.
  • Ensuring the radiator(s) (cooler) is clean and free of debris.

If you must continue to operate your snowmobile, drive slowly and stop the engine frequently to allow it to cool down.

If your model is equipped with a Polaris Interactive Digital Display (PIDD), the engine temperature scale (2) is located on the right side of the PIDD screen. If the engine is overheating, the engine temperature scale will change to red and the check engine temperature indicator (3), located on the top left of the screen, will illuminate.

Please see your PIDD User's Guide for more information.

The over-temperature indicator on the standard instrument cluster will illuminate when the engine is overheating.

Standard cluster

Flashing indicators mean continued operation could result in serious engine damage. The engine management system will automatically reduce engine power and create a misfire condition. Stop the engine immediately and allow it to cool down.

If engine overheating seems to be caused by something other than poor cooling conditions, your Polaris Dealer can perform the necessary service.

For more tips, maintenance procedures and specifications, see your Owner's Manual

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