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Mid-Sized Deep Snow Sled. Full-sized fun.


Mid-Sized Deep Snow Sled. Full-sized fun.

Evolved for
New Mountain Riders.

A snowmobile right-sized for new or smaller adult riders, with more flotation and a confidence inspiring ride. 

Starting at CA MSRP

Perfect Fit For New Riders

Compact ergonomics accommodate a wide range of riders without feeling too big or too small. From its optimized seating position to its easy reach throttle - RMK EVO builds confidence in all new riders.

Light. Nimble.

The RMK EVO is lightweight and responsive with the PRO-RIDE chassis.

Designed To Deliver Confidence for New Riders.

The sled is lower and narrower than a full-size sled which provides new or shorter riders more confident control. Lower seat and suspension height lowers center of gravity and enhances ride stability. Easy throttle flipper designed to be comfortably controlled by smaller hands.

Durable, Scalable Performance.

The Liberty 550 engine is fan-cooled to provide consistent power, regardless of snow conditions. The clutching is equipped for smooth engagement and enhanced low-speed drivability. Electronically speed limited to 50 mph, as your skill grows, available powerup kits allow your machines performance to grow, too.

Just-Right Performance and Fun

An off-trail-ready sled with power that's perfectly scaled to new riders' needs, the speed is electronically limited to 50 mph, and an accessory kit is available to make additional power as skills develop.

Reliable. Proven.

Liberty 550 Fan Engine


Lightweight and Durable.

1.75" Backcountry Track

Confident Deep Snow traction.

Easy Steering

The RMK EVO features the Gripper ski with a deep keel that offers more control and the wider design provides greater flotation.

Built To Start The Next Generation

A day of riding is measured by new adventures and memories. With comfortable seats, confidence-inspiring skis and integrated storage options - you'll be enjoying both all winter long.