RMK® 144

All-Purpose Deep Snow Tough
Starting at $12,599* CA MSRP

May be shown with additional modifications or accessories. Does not include destination charge or set-up fees.

Seek Something Even Deeper Than Powder

The RMK® 144 is a great 50/50 crossover snowmobile for riders looking for deep snow maneuverability with Rider Balanced® on-trail confidence. 

Instantaneous Lift

The combination of the raised and lightweight AXYS® chassis, a powerful Polaris® engine, and the Polaris-exclusive track designs pop the RMK® on top of the snow. 

Rider Balanced® Control

The AXYS® RMK® features Rider Balanced® positioning that delivers ultimate control for the rider for precise, effortless sidehilling. 

Immediate Response

The world's best mountain sled is built to be the lightest and most rigid, making it incredibly responsive to rider inputs. This allows you to change direction and manuever confidently in all conditions. 

Snowmobiles Designed to Fit Every Rider

For confident control wherever you ride on the RMK® 144. 



<span></span> Engine Options <span></span> 600 Cleanfire®
<span></span> Engine Type/Cooling <span></span> Liquid Cooled
<span></span> Disc Brake Type <span></span> AXYS® Radial
<span></span> Drive System Type <span></span> Chaincase
<span></span> Drive/Driven Clutch <span></span> P-85 / TEAM® LWT


<span></span> Front Suspension <span></span> AXYS®
<span></span> Rear Suspension <span></span> IGX 144
<span></span> Shock Package <span></span> RydeFX® MPV
<span></span> Ski Type <span></span> Gripper
<span></span> Track Options <span></span> 2.0 Series 4


<span></span> Fuel Capacity (gal/L) <span></span> 12 / 45.4
<span></span> Overall Height (in/cm) <span></span> 46 / 117
<span></span> Overall Width (in/cm) <span></span> 46.5 / 118.1
<span></span> Ski Center Distance (in/cm) <span></span> 39 - 40 - 41 /
99.1 - 101.6 - 104.1
<span></span> Overall Length (in/cm) <span></span> 125 / 317.5
Model Name