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Owner Resources

Access information you need as an owner of a Polaris Snowmobile including owner's manuals, maintenance tips, and frequently asked questions. 

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How-To Videos

Use the correct techniques when riding, performing maintenance, and installing accessories on your sled. Our how-to videos give step-by-step instructions for common tasks.

Vin Search

How do I find the VIN on my Snowmobile?

You can find your snowmobile's unique Vehicle Identification Number on the right side of the tunnel. With that number, you can access information about your sled.

Protection Plan

How do I find information about factory and extended warranties?

You can access factory warranty information through the VIN search tool. You can extend the warranty by purchasing the Polaris® Protection Plan which can be transferred if you sell your snowmobile.  

Helpful Tips

Stay up-to-date on the proper usage of your snowmobile and accessories. Find more articles in the Help Center 

Customizing Your Suspension Setup on RMK®, Pro-RMK®, and SKS

Customizing Your Suspension Setup on RMK®, Pro-RMK®, and SKS

Your Polaris® snowmobile’s suspension can be adjusted to fit your individual riding style. Learn more here.

Replacement Keys

Standard Gauge Overview

This article provides an overview of gauges and instrument clusters found on Polaris® snowmobiles not equipped with a POLARIS Interactive Digital Display.

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Polaris Snowmobile Coloring Sheets

Polaris enthusiasts, young and old alike, have a little more time at home these days. Download, print, and color these awesome templates to bust that indoor boredom. Share your finished masterpieces with us on Facebook:

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