120 INDY®

Legendary Fun for Youth Riders
Starting at $3,399* CA MSRP

May be shown with additional modifications or accessories. Does not include destination charge or set-up fees.

Start Out Right

The 120 INDY® snowmobile is the perfect first sled for youth riders. 

120 INDY® Features

The 120 INDY® promotes safe riding among youth riders with its 120cc engine, safety tether, and adjustable throttle.

Snowmobiles Designed to Fit Every Rider

The 120 INDY® is the perfect first sled for youth riders. 



<span></span> Engine Options <span></span> 120cc Four Stroke
<span></span> Engine Type/Cooling <span></span> Fan Cooled
<span></span> Disc Brake Type <span></span> Mechanical Drum
<span></span> Drive System Type <span></span> Chaincase
<span></span> Drive/Driven Clutch <span></span> P-40


<span></span> Front Suspension <span></span> IFS
<span></span> Rear Suspension <span></span> Mini INDY®
<span></span> Shock Package <span></span> Steel Monotube
<span></span> Ski Type <span></span> Composite
<span></span> Track Options <span></span> .79 Tri-Star


<span></span> Fuel Capacity (gal/L) <span></span> .5 / 1.9
<span></span> Overall Height (in/cm) <span></span> 31 / 78
<span></span> Overall Width (in/cm) <span></span> 34 / 86
<span></span> Ski Center Distance (in/cm) <span></span> 30 / 76
<span></span> Overall Length (in/cm) <span></span> 75 / 190
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