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Linda Griffith Story


My Dad, Randy Griffith lit the Polaris fire in me when I was in 1st grade. He started selling the best snowmobiles ever made and later raced on the Polaris race team. Our winter weekends were spent traveling to the nearest USSA sanctioned race. My Mom, Dad, sister and I along with all our snowmobile clothes packed into a single cab pickup with 2 sleds in the back of it. Dad made a platform in the bed that sat above the wheel wells.


There was a knack to giving it the right amount of gas to climb the ramp and hit the brakes at just the right time. I believe there was more than one rear window that had to be replaced when someone “helped” Dad load the racers! His number was 3305, and he was unbeatable on the oval tracks, he wasn’t that crazy about cross country racing but still was a force tone reckoned with there, too! We have so many awesome memories from his racing days, it was truly a family event. I’ve found out recently just how many people followed his racing career. I never knew they were there to watch him, just thought everyone went to the races!


Even after many years of racing, we continue to ride snowmobile and I have and always will have Polaris in my blood!! Thanks to my awesome Dad! And by the way, that’s him in 1st place in the picture.