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Snowmobiles History

Polaris Snow Heritage

We started this journey in Roseau in 1954. We respect our humble beginnings, and know hard work brings success. Through this hard work we've introduced new, innovative technologies in the industry. We give riders a way to realize their passion and share it with friends and family.


The evolution of Polaris Snow through the decades

Polaris Snowmobiles History

Polaris employees created the first Polaris snowmobile in late 1955


The “Sno-Traveler” provided reliable winter transportation for people and cargo


Lighter, shorter, narrower sleds introduced: The Mustang and Colt

Polaris Snowmobiles History

The TX Series is introduced - synonymous for “high-performance”


Polaris Thrill Team performed stunts and feats at races and winter carnivals


The evolution of Polaris Snow takes a leap with the first Indy sled

Polaris Snowmobiles History

"Most Significant Snowmobile of the 1980s" - The Indy 500 is born


Models SKS – Snow King Specials – and famous RMKs – Rocky Mountain Kings


Game Changer: The 2010 Polaris PRO-RIDE RUSH is introduced and throughout the next few years is expanded into 20 different models

Polaris Snowmobiles History

Levi LaVallee successfully landed a world record 412.5-foot jump


INDY® family grows with new engine choices; an 800 Cleanfire® and a 550 fan engine


The next generation of Trail & Crossover sleds arrives with the introduction of AXYS. The next year AXYS will expand into the World's Best Mountain Sled and the SKS returns

Polaris Snowmobiles History

Introducing the SnowCheck exclusive 850 Patriot engine - the most powerful snowmobile engine ever built by Polaris


RMK expands to include the RMK® KHAOS® and the sled for the newest mountain riders the RMK® EVO

From Then to Today

Polaris snowmobile developers are passionate riders. And like the original Polaris employees when they watched sled No. 1 make its maiden run, they're always seeking innovative ways to make the Polaris ride even better


The Polaris Snow Story

Innovative thinking led to creating Polaris snowmobile No. 1 and the start of the company’s mastery over winter travel. And in the 65 years since it first chugged across a snowy field in Roseau, Minnesota, innovation and a passion for the ride have fueled the ongoing evolution of Polaris snowmobiles.


Rider Story: Linda Griffith

My Dad, Randy Griffith lit the Polaris fire in me when I was in 1st grade. He started selling the best snowmobiles ever made and later raced on the Polaris race team. Our winter weekends were spent traveling to the nearest USSA sanctioned race.


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